Wine for the Weekend


Today’s wine is another gem from Italy – this time from the east coast of that country. I love this wine because it is full and flavourful but also crisp and clean. It’s the perfect balance between a bigger more winter-friendly white wine and a summer crisp sipper. Given the balmy weather of late, I thought this would be a great suggestion. There’s nothing wrong with drinking white wine in the winter!

Which wine am I talking about – the Di Majo Norante Falanghina del Molise DOC 2006 – Falanghina being the grape and Molise the region. Yep, both are completely obscure, but the wine is also wonderful and really tasty. The wine smells like a nice warm climate with its aromas of ripe apple, tropical mango and guava. It also tastes like guava, burnt coconut, banana, and honeyed wildflowers. Opulent but clean, summery but winter appropriate. Grab yourself some hearty and healthy fish or seafood and dig into this great wine – it absolutely over-delivers at its price point and you are supporting a small producer making wines with care and craft. The perfect celebration for the weekend – Valentines, Chinese New Year or Olympic Fever.

$23 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars

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Last modified: February 12, 2010

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