The Local Public Eatery…The Place To Be


As I began to write this post about our newest watering hole Local Public Eatery, I thought hard about not writing this blog post at all. This is one place that I would truly like to keep a secret for my friends and I. Alas in the spirit of Kitsilano, we can’t help but share ourselves freely. So ignoring my better judgment, let me introduce to you the best pub in the world… yes… the world.

When you think of the best pub, what are the factors that you would consider important? Perhaps you might include: great ambiance, great service, great food, great prices and great location amongst them. The Local Eatery on Cornwall and Yew fits the bill precisely.

Located at the old Malone’s site, The Local offers a beautiful open seating plan with loads of large comfortable booths, table seating and a well designed bar seating area. In the summer the North wall opens garage style to include the extra large patio that overlooks the beautiful Kitsilano Beach and all who frequent it.

Upon entering you’ll be happily surprised to find that the service staff is exceptional. From the hostess to the servers, you’ve never come across more intelligent, happy, service-oriented staff anywhere. I’m not sure what their hiring policy is, but I can tell you that they do a phenomenal job putting together a solid team who’s only purpose it seems is to ensure that you have the best time every time.

When you sit down to order a drink, there’s another wonderful surprise… $4. House wines – wonderful – and Thursdays you can get a bucket of 3 beers for just $12. Its almost cheaper to watch the game, and the beautiful locals, at the pub instead of sitting at home alone.
If you’re there for a bite then you’ll be in for a treat. If you order the guacamole for the nachos, they will make it right in front of you to suit. The yam fries are to-die-for… every single one is crunchy and tastes great. I also highly recommend the burger sliders for carnivores and the spicy edamames for vegetarians. The prices are more than reasonable and the quality of the food is as good as the most expensive restaurant on West 4th minus the stuffiness.

The last thing that’s worth mentioning is the beautiful people. Upon entering the Local Eatery, you’ll notice right away the array of beautiful men and women who frequent the facility. It truly is a snapshot of the local Kitsilano citizenry. You’ll find funky University students mingling with Entrepreneurs and Nouveau hippies mixing with Investors. It’s an open party atmosphere every night of the week and if you intend on watching a hockey game there, better get there an hour or two ahead of time to ensure you have a seat.

The Local Eatery is truly the hottest place to be in Kits. Now don’t tell anyone!

Last modified: January 12, 2010

20 Responses to " The Local Public Eatery…The Place To Be "

  1. Anonymous says:

    are you for serious? the place is just another earls/joeys/cactus clone with a different name.

  2. Gerry says:

    How can it be the best pub in the WORLD if you haven’t been to every other pub in the world? Come on man, how much did they pay you for this review?!

  3. Nelson says:

    Wow, what a “secret”! When did this site become a home for marketing shills?

  4. Mark A says:

    A secret? At Cornwall and Yew? Good luck with that…

  5. TC says:

    I love that we Vancouverites feel so strongly about our pubs. After being told by a tourist friend that our Canadian pubs are not world class…I have to say I’m quite proud of our passion.
    To answer…sadly, I’ve done some time in the pubs of the world. From Amsterdam, London and Ireland to Fiji, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Germany etc. I have also slung beer for more years than I care to remember. I’ve found that the biggest challenge with most pubs (locally and abroad) is the lack of ambience and the serious lack of service. When you’ve done some time serving beer –and been served, you know what lack of good service can do to your good time. Employees with great attitudes; a strong pub ambience;good foods and cheap drinks are a winning combination for me. As for payment…we don’t do that at…the pub will read the article when someone tells them about it…otherwise I have no direct contact with them at all. I’ve lived in Kits for 20 years and LOVE a good pub…this is just my humble opinion of a damn good pub…enjoy it at your will or leave room for those who appreciate a good thing.


  6. Louis says:

    Okay, I’ll bite :
    I’ll try that place, and report afterwards.

    This article definitely sounded like a plant.

  7. Bill Barilko says:

    Who writes the crap?

  8. Andrea says:

    I’ve been to the Local once. I agree – it was good and had good prices. I’ve tried going back twice since, but have left both times after being told I’d have to wait 20 min to one hour for a table (clearly the word is out). No thank you!! It is a good place to chill with friends, but I must admit I feel a bit guilty being in it knowing a Kit’s classic like Malone’s is now replaced by a chain.

  9. nobody says:

    I’ve been there, and it IS and awesome pub.. And the writer sounds fairly cool too… so back off! 😛

  10. outriding says:

    “The Local Eatery is truly the hottest place to be in Kits. Now don\’t tell anyone!”

    Not the type of insight we’re looking for when reading the blog.

  11. Dw says:

    I checked this place out a couple of times and I agree that it is wicked place to watch a game.

    Also, based on some of the “passionate” comments back I love how the writer was successful in baiting the “drinkers” out there to get off their asses and weigh in.

    Good stuff and thanks

  12. runDRD says:

    worst. review. ever. The pub is a standard joeys/cactus/earls clone like a previous commenter mentioned. it doesn’t fit the kits vibe of chilled place to relax, and although the beer menue is decent, the food menu left me wanting more. it’s loud, dimly lit, and filled with that special kind of douchebag easily identifiable through their tacky Ed Hardy clothing.

    this blog just lost a lot of cred.

  13. Frances Cabahug says:

    You know what I love about this review? The fact that it got so many people riled up. Smiling at the “plant” and “paid” comments. It’s a personal blog, for goodness sake. 🙂

    People, if you find yourself vehemently disagreeing with any reviews here in, you can also write your own review and send it to instead.

    Because the sentence “it\’s loud, dimly lit, and filled with that special kind of douchebag easily identifiable through their tacky Ed Hardy clothing” does have a poetic ring to it.

  14. Bill Barilko says:

    “tacky Ed Hardy clothing”=the beginning of the end.

    Gangster wannabes pretending to be Kits residents.

  15. PJ says:

    Poor food menu at this joint. Very disappointing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “the best pub in the world… ”

    What a joke. And you say you’ve travelled?

    The last thing we need are more of these sh*tholes… These kinds of places belong in suburban strip malls. We’ll forever be a provincial town as long as there are enough people around to keep these JoeyEarlsCactusClubMilestones places in business. Pathetic. Off to Surrey, the lot of you.

  17. Louis says:

    I tried it last night :
    JoeyEarlsCactusClubMilestonesHellsKitchen clone confirmed.

    The food is good (although the choice is pretty limited).
    Nothing special about it.

  18. Steve Stevens says:

    TC. Come clean with full disclosure. Any connection to the aforementioned “Best Pub in The World”.(Sorry buddy, but you’re never going to live that one down but enough has already been writing about the inane comment)

    Your review might just be gushing with praise a bit too much. It reeks of someone who maybe got a few free drinks (when mentioning the blog) and a hope of more from a little hottie server. Next time, don’t throw your objectivity out the window. Adding a passing grade on some aspect or the odd negative comment would drastically improve your credibility. That is if this isn’t just a shill piece.

  19. Davey says:

    This is more about some people’s resentment of chain restaurants, and I get that, but the fact is, Local is vastly superior in every way to Malones. That alone needs to be acknowledged. Let’s look at the good and bad points:

    Food: This is definitely above average bar food. Seared fresh tuna sandwich with avocado. Monster burgers with really interesting toppings, exceptional nachos. Sorry, but anyone who says this is just so so food just doesn’t appreciate good bar food.

    Ambiance: Is it too much like a Cactus Club? Well, yeah, but is that so terrible? The seating is really comfortable, the TV’s are fantastic and it’s a little dark, which I like. It’s not candle lit for heaven’s sake. You want light, sit on the patio.

    The patio: This has to be one of the nicest patios in Vancouver. Stunning views of the beach and mountains through the trees across the road. Cushy sofa style booths outside. Lots of tables. Again, vastly superior to Malones.

    Service: I have only ever had excellent service here. The waitresses clearly come from the same stable of stunning servers that supply all the other chains, but they are truly helpful and friendly. Not stuck up at all. The place has been so popular that some people are going to complain about the service, but that’s not their fault.

    The bad: Yes, Vancouver has too many chain restaurants and this indeed is one of them. It’s owned by Joey’s. I totally understand the resistance because it is nicer to have a unique, personal place run by the owner. I miss that and it’s a shame, but having said that, I do think they do a great job. Really fresh and high quality food and very professionally done. I guess that’s what you get with a chain that simply knows what it’s doing.

    The other bad thing is that it’s so good, that it’s always packed. Still, I have managed to get in and here’s another “secret”. They do a fantastic brunch and sitting on this sun drenched patio on a weekend morning is, to me, heavenly.

    So to those griping about the what appears to be a sycophantic review, get over it. It’s mostly true and like it or not, this is very valuable and expensive area to open a restaurant so it needs to be done by a company with deep pockets. Thank god it’s not a Burger King.