Fuel to be replaced by Refuel


This Sunday is the last day that Fuel will be taking orders, and on December 2, Fuel will be replaced by Refuel Restaurant and Bar. I guess there won’t be any drastic changes when it comes to names and signages.

Instead, the notable differences can be found mostly in the prices, going by Scout Mag’azine’s post on Refuel’s casual Pacific Northwest menu. I’m glad to see that Refuel will be retaining some of the Fuel classics, such as the buttermilk fried chicken previously only served on Friday lunches but now available more often as one of Refuel’s main dishes. The prices are noticeably lower too, from the Sloping Hill’s pork at $20.50 instead of the previous price of $31.50. And because Refuel is a bar, they also now offer late night snacks such as devilled eggs and pork rinds. Pork rinds!

But, of course, just like Fuel’s menu, Refuel’s menu is flexible. On their Facebook page, the chefs have stated that the released menu plan is “just the first incarnation” and they will “still change it often as the seasons change.”

Last week I wrote that if the new restaurant manages to lower its prices considerably, I would be visiting them more often. True to my word, I will definitely be checking them out once they open next week.

PS Bil Barilko, would you like to dine and review the new place with me? Yes, I really am extending a dinner invitation to you. Hey, if nothing else it’s a free dinner!

Last modified: November 26, 2009

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