Nominate your favorites for the Best of Kitsilano


It’s that time of year when local newspapers run their “Best of the City” contests. Unfortunately their Vancouver lists get nominations from the entire Lower Mainland which makes them not so relevant to those of us that spend most of our time (and money) in Kitsilano.

So, we’ve decided to run our very own 2009 Best of Kitsilano Awards and we want your feedback on both the award categories and nominations this week. Once we determine the most nominated in each category, we’ll assemble a list of the Top 3 finalists for each category and open it up to voting. Not sure how many categories we’ll end up with but here are a handful to start you off with.

  • Best NEW Restaurant
  • Best Local Pub
  • Best Coffee Shop
  • Best Sushi
  • Best Wine Store
  • Best Gym
  • Best Butcher
  • Best Doggie Daycare

You get the idea. Nominate your favorite businesses in the comments below and if a category is missing, please suggest away.

Nominations are open until noon on December 23rd. Voting on the Finalists will begin at noon on December 24th and run until midnight on December 31st. We’ll announce the winners here early in the New Year. Get Busy!

Last modified: December 16, 2009

43 Responses to " Nominate your favorites for the Best of Kitsilano "

  1. Steve says:

    Elysian Coffee for Best Coffee Shop!

  2. Karen says:

    Category: Best Bakery

    Nomination: Cobs Bread on West 4th

  3. P-daddy says:

    Best Drycleaner – Fletcher’s @ Arbutus & West Broadway

  4. KokaMo says:

    LOCAL for best pub

  5. Mike Jones says:

    (no car = all choices within five blocks of W4th and Vine)

    Pub – Kingshead (1st and Yew)
    Bakery – Terra Breads
    Coffee – 49th Parallel
    Sushi – Sushi Bar (4th and Burrard)

  6. Brent says:

    Best “make-at-home” meals: Indish (Arbutus & 12th)

    Best wine store: Kitsilano Wine Cellar (4th & Yew)

    Best butcher: Market Meats (4th & Vine)

    Best coffee roasters: Yoka’s (Broadway & Trutch)

  7. Brian says:

    Best NEW Restaurant: Local Public Eatery

  8. Julie says:

    Best Butcher: Jackson Meats
    Best Baker: Cobs
    Best Produce: Apple Farm Market
    Best Eyewear: Spectus
    Best Book Store: Duthie’s
    Best Wine Store: Kitsilano Wine Cellar
    Best Shoes: Gravity Pope
    Best Baby Store: Crocodile Baby

  9. Angie says:

    Best NEW Restaurant – is Thomas Haas considered a restaurant? Otherwise, Maenam.

    Best Local Pub – Corduroy

    Best Coffee Shop – Viva Fine Foods on Yew

    Best Sushi – Dan Japanese Restaurant

    Best cheap sushi – Iki on 4th and Broadway

    Best Japanese (not sushi) – Zakkushi

    Best Wine Store – Kits Wine Cellar

    Best Butcher – Jackson’s

    Best Pilates Studio – The Movement Studio

    Best Grocery Store – Capers

  10. gaylin says:

    Best Butcher: Jackson Meats

  11. Jimmy says:

    Best NEW Restaurant – Hot Cuisine (under new ownership)
    Best Local Pub – Jeremiah’s
    Best Florist – Garden Party Flowers

  12. Kevin says:

    No to Jackson Meats – give the award to Market Meats. 😉

    Best Music Store – Zulu
    Best Gift Shop – Brier’s
    Best T-shirts – Ironhead
    Best Pub – Nevermind
    Best Bike Shop – Dizzy Cycles!

  13. Andrea says:

    Best NEW Restaurant: re-fuel
    Best Local Pub: The Local or the Reagle Beagle
    Best Coffee Shop: Kits Coffee Co
    Best Sushi: Temaki Sushi
    Best Wine Store: Kitsilano Wine Cellar
    Best Gym: Westside Gym
    Best Butcher: Jackson Meats

  14. Susan says:

    Definitely add a category for Best Florist and get Celsia on Arbutus in there.

  15. Zeek says:

    Best NEW Pub: Local Public Eatery
    Best Burger: The Kits Burger at Local Public Eatery
    Best Patio not open yet: Local Public Eatery
    Best Sushi: Happa
    Best Wine Stroe: Kits Wine Cellar
    Best Gym: Kits Workout

  16. vancityguy says:

    Best NEW Restaurant – Local Public Eatery
    Best Local Pub – Sunshine Grill
    Bost Coffee Shop – Calhoun’s
    Best Sushi – Kits Sushi
    Best Gym – Fitness World Kits

    What About Best Bookstore???

    Best Book Warehouse

  17. DoubleNN says:

    Best Drycleaner – Fletchers for sure… it’s how I ended up with my husband! Oh, and they get a red-wine stain out of a white shirt like nobody’s business.

    Best Breakfast – Sunset Grill
    Best Wine Shop – Kitsilano Wine Cellar
    Best Gym – Just Ladies Fitness (until they became She’s Fit)
    Best Butcher – Jackson’s Meats

  18. Sheila says:

    Best Breakfast – Gypsy Rose
    Best Butcher – Jackson’s Meats
    Best Burger – Moderne Burger
    Best Gift Shop – 3H Craftworks

  19. Andy says:

    Best Coffee Shop – Arbutus Coffee at Arbutus & 6th
    Best Butcher – Jackson’s
    Best Bakery – Cobs for Bread/ Arbutus for Cakes and muffins

  20. Andy says:

    Best Coffee – Arbutus Coffee at Arbutus & 6th
    Best Butcher – Jacksons
    Best Bakery – Cobs for bread/ Arbutus Coffee for scones, muffins and cakes

  21. SMD says:

    Best NEW Restaurant: Local Public Eatery
    Best Local Pub: Reagle Beagle
    Best Coffee Shop: Artigiano
    Best Sushi: Temaki Sushi
    Best Wine Store: Kitsilano Wine Cellar
    Best Gym: Fitness World Kits
    Best Butcher: Jackson’s Meats
    Best Baby Store: Pebble
    Best Pizza: Nat’s
    Best Mexican: currently looking for it so I’d love to see other people’s nominations!
    Best Yoga: Semperviva
    Best Massage: not sure; looking for a good one!
    Best Nail Salon: Pure Nail Bar

  22. Christine says:

    Best sushi – Iki
    Best breakfast – Sunshine Diner
    Best yoga – Semperviva
    Best hairstylist – Toni @ Haircats
    Best music shop – Prussin Music
    Best pizza- Flying Wedge
    Best coffee shop – eh never mind, there’s too many!
    Best insurance agency – All Risk Insurance
    Best place to watch fireworks – Kits Beach
    Best place to spend a summer day – Kits Beach
    Best place for a winter walk – Kits Beach!

  23. Joe Chaput says:

    Best cheese Shop – les amis du FROMAGE

  24. jessica says:

    Best Coffee: Caffe Vergnano 1882
    Best Produce: Tim’s Produce
    Best Burger: White Spot

    Category Suggestion:
    Best Sweets
    Best Grocery Store
    Best Produce
    Best Spa
    Best Gas Station
    Best Burger

  25. Jack says:

    Best Snowboard shop: Boardroom

  26. Shelley says:

    Best Coffee: Starbucks at Kits Beach
    Best Japanese: Hapa Izakaya

  27. Pete says:

    Best Coffee Shop: The Epicurean
    Best Butcher: Jackson’s Meats
    Best Sushi: Temaki Sushi
    Best Local Pub: The Reagle Beagle
    Best Book Store: Duthie’s
    Best Beer and Wine Store: Darby’s
    Best Deli: Caper’s
    Best Breakfast: The Epicurean

  28. Anonymous says:

    Best NEW Restaurant: Maenam
    Best Local Pub: Abigail’s Party
    Best Coffee Shop: Elysian Room
    Best Sushi: Octopus’s Garden
    Best Wine Store: Kit’s Wine Cellar
    Best Speciality Shop: Les Amis du Frommage

  29. Paco says:

    Best Mexican:

    1st – Las Margaritas
    2nd – Topanga

  30. Joe says:

    Best Italian: Trattoria Italian Kitchen
    Best Mexican: Topanga
    Best Greek: Simpactico

  31. Anonymous says:

    Mexican: Burrito Bros
    Shirts: Ironhead
    Pub: Karv

  32. Chloe says:

    Best Japanese: Hapa Izakaya
    Best Coffee shop: Caffe Vergnano 1882
    Best Butcher: Jackson\’s Meats
    Best Bakery: Cobs for bread

  33. Anonymous says:

    Best Sushi: Octopus
    Best Pizza: Flying Wedge

  34. tanya says:

    best bliss- semperviva yoga (3 soon to be 4 locations)

  35. Kiran says:

    Best Gift shop : The U life accessory store on Vine and West 4th.
    By far the greatest.

  36. Mary says:

    Best yoga: Moksha Vancouver
    Best coffee: Yoka’s
    Best bookstore: Banyen Books
    Best music store: Zulu Records
    Best bookstore (specialty): Kidsbooks – what a gem!
    Best gathering spot: Calhoun’s
    Best Mediterranean grocery: Parthenon

  37. DC says:

    Best sushi – Octopus
    Best sweets – Thomas Haas
    Best yoga – Semperviva
    Best produce – New Apple Farm Market
    Best insurance agency – All Risk Insurance

  38. fresnelle says:

    Best hairstylist – Phoenix @ Haircats
    Best coffee shop – 49th Parallel
    Best tea store – Bayswater Tea Co.
    Best gift store: U the Life Accessory Store (Vine & 4th)
    Best bookstore: Duthie Books
    Best USED bookstore: Pulp Fiction (Broadway)
    Best wine store: Kits Wine Cellar
    Best Music Store – Zulu

  39. dzonoqua says:

    Best Restaurant – Abigail’s Party
    Best Coffee Shop – Viva
    Best Sushi – Temaki
    Best Bookstore – Duthies
    Best Thai – Maenam

  40. jordan says:

    Coffee Shop: 49th Parallel.
    Wine Shop: Kitsilano Wine Cellar
    Best Sushi: Eatery
    Best Butcher: Market Meats

  41. 8chocolate says:

    Best fast/cheap food: Noodle Box, Burrito Bros close second
    Best grocery store: Capers
    Best restaurant: Bistrot Bistro
    Best bakery: Terra breads
    Best lasagna: Trattoria Italian Kitchen
    Best Bookstore: Book Warehouse
    Best Chocolate: Thomas Haas
    Best Desserts: Thomas Haas
    Best cocktail: Las Margaritas margaritas
    Best chicken: Nando’s
    Best french toast: Viva Bakery (to die for)

  42. Mark says:

    BEST Coffee Shop: 49th Parralel
    Best Sandwiches/chocolates: Thomas Haas (Morrocan Chicken)
    Best Mobile Mortgage:
    Best Grocery: Mienhardts
    Best Fish: Finest at Sea

  43. Scott F says:

    Best coffee shop: KCC, if only because they use real sizes (small, medium, large) and use Ks only where appropriate. Good coffee, too.