Petition for an Off-Leash Dog Park in Kits


Someone from once said that the Eastern side of Vancouver is ruled by cats, while the West parts are ruled by dogs.  While I can’t comment on the accuracy of such city bifurcation, I do know that we have a lot of dogs around.

So, do you think we should get more off-leash dog parks in Kits? Currently, we have Hadden Park as a designated off-leash area, but a group has started a petition requesting for more canine-friendly space. Specifically, the petition suggests Connaught Park or Arbutus Walk as off-leash area extensions, from 5-9 am and 5-9 pm daily.

If you’d like to learn more about the petition, head on over to for more info. And if this sounds like a good and reasonable cause to you– whether or not you are a dog owner– you can sign the online petition by clicking at the link at the bottom of their page.

Last modified: November 25, 2009

17 Responses to " Petition for an Off-Leash Dog Park in Kits "

  1. rb says:

    To clarify Hadden Park is not all off leash – Only the portion below the walkway. As well there are restrictions in place

    The outlined area is off-leash from May 1 to September 30: 6am to 10am and from 5pm to 10pm.
    October 1 to April 30: 6am to 10pm.

  2. Jody says:

    I walk through Kit Beach, Hadden Park and Vanier Park nearly every day and see plenty of people using the whole area as an off-leash park, ignoring the signs. I’ve seen big dogs rush toddlers, all in fun of course, but the small ones were terrified. I’ve learned not to mention the rules to dog owners, who usually stare me down. We don’t need more off-leash parks, we need fewer dogs.

  3. Dan says:

    This is a joke, right?
    Let’s try to stick to the right on- and off-leash areas first shall we, dog-owners?

    I live close to the beach, and in the summer, spend many evenings there, often cooking and eating dinner. So often this is spoiled by dogs running right through where we’re sitting, kicking sand everywhere, not to mention trying to eat our food.

    Jody is right – you’re met with aggression and attitude if you point out the rule. And they’re the ones in the wrong!

    In addition to this, the number of people who happen to have turned away while their dog is defecating on the beach or on the grass is staggering. This is a major health hazard to people eating nearby, and all the children who play there in the summer.

    Give them a dog park, and fence it in. This would be easier to enforce – if you’re outside it with no leash, you get a ticket. Mind you, the chances of enforcement are pretty slim. When did you last see someone get fined?

  4. Kevin says:

    I thought Kits was an off-leash dog park. The only dogs I see leashed in my neighbourhood are tied up outside of Capers.

  5. Jayne says:

    Right on! Why not have fenced in dog runs (and more of them) like in New York? I’m fed up of having toddlers rushed and being intimidated by “oh he’s friendly” unleashed dogs and their arrogant owners. Either that or start seriously putting some bite (pun intended) into fining people and having them pay for the Olympics. There seems to be no shortage of dogs for that purpose.

  6. julia says:

    I too live by Kits beach and I proclaim NO MORE DOG PARKS or how about just NO MORE DOGS . People need to make more friends I think. I am obviously not a dog person and don’t understand the need people have to coup up big stinky dogs (especially after an ocean dip) in their tiny apartments. If owners followed the rules a little better such as not letting their dogs charge through picnics in a leashed only area, and picking up their massive turd piles t wouldn’t be so bad. Last year while relaxing on the beach a dirty, sandy, smelly bulldog came and sat his puckering asshole right on my face (go ahead and laugh you dirty dog owners). I for one will gladly work for free at the beach handing out fines to bad owners who don’t follow the rules. BOOOOOOO to you dogs.

  7. sidelines says:

    What a bunch of whiners – holy cow! These days, the pendulum really seems to have swung in your favour, little whiners. Your gripes are actually given the time of day. I do hope it swings back the other way soon. Fingers are crossed! Noise, cigarettes, dogs, etc., etc. You live in a major metropolitan area. What the hell do you expect?! Perhaps a move to the country is in order? Of course, if you all move there, be sure to be far enough apart from each other, lest these nasty little challenges you are currently having to endure reappear…

  8. Bil Barilko says:

    I love dogs of all varieties, the simple fact is that most dogs are nicer/have better social skills than most people, as evidenced by the annoying mendacious drivel posted by some here.

    Funny that after my evening swim (almost every May-October evening) I sit and watch the sun set from the benches above the dog beach and never see any problems-Please Note that I’ve lived in this neighbourhood longer than most posters here have been alive.

    Where are these legions of toddlers being chased up trees/over cliffs by packs of marauding canines?

    Why no screams of horror/no bellows of outrage from deprived parents/no siren whine of emergency vehicles?

    And how dare Bulldogs show their ugly mugs to the beautiful people that throng the streets of Kitsilano?

    I think some people here confuse the two small dog beaches, one west of the Maritime Museum and the other smaller one North of it, with Kits Beach proper.

    May 24th weekend to Labour Day No Dogs are allowed unleashed on Kits Beach after that the crowds drop and no one cares on way or the other it’s the same all over the city if you phone in a complaint they’ll respond but no patrols are sent out.

  9. Old Kitsie says:

    Connaught Park is definitely not an appropriate spot for an off-leash dog area. The park is used, and maintained at their own cost, by the Cricket Club and the Meralomas. The dog owners that frequent the park seem to love to let their “babies” tear up the cricket practice pitch (artificial turf) and expect park users to enjoy the mess their animals create. I think they should find another area (the railway right-of-way comes to mind) that not too many people use and let their dogs have a field day. The railway right-of-way goes all the way up to 41st and is away from busy roads almost the whole way.

  10. rob says:

    Don’t agree with Arbutus Walk as an off leash dog park. That walk way is the front door to many people’s homes. Further, there is zero available parking for people to drive into the area.

    Nothing wrong with wanting an off leash dog park, but this really is a half baked idea getting too much attention.

  11. Snoop says:

    Correction. Lord Tennyson School yard is an off leash during certain hours and is 2 blocks from Arbutus Walk. Alas, the dog owners in this neighbourhood are too lazy to make the effort to cross Arbutus Street. There are already plenty of dog owners that ignore the leash requirements anyways, what makes them think that a new park will change anything!!

  12. Jack says:

    If you actually think the condo owners in Arbutus walk will tolerate a dog park right outside their buildings you are in for some nasty times ahead.

  13. char says:

    Dogs belong in the country not in the city.
    If someone must have a dog in the city, at least leashed in public space unless inside a dog park.
    Every dog deserves a responsible owner. And every person deserves the right to walk and play in public space without fear of stepping on dog turds or having a dog run, bite or jump on him/her.

    What is most annoying and dangerous are people who let their dogs off leash on bicycle paths. Only too often have I nearly run over a dog that just cut in front of me.

  14. Carlotta says:

    I own a small dog that I responsibily care for _ I abide the rules, pick up after my dog, etc. and only let him off the leash at the off-leash park. Unfourtunately there are too many dog walkers on the beaches now a days – people too lazy to walk their own pets and far too rich. The trouble with this enterprise is that they (Vancouver dog Taxi for one)fail to control them at all times. The dogs “pack” together and threaten and bully small dogs. The footpath is generally always obstructed and it is a hinderance to foot traffic and a mine field for intimidating small dogs. I’ve seen lots of confrontation and lots of dog attacks, mine being one of them. I think that the city should take back more control of my parks that I pay taxes on. Perhaps less dogs per dog walker and higher qualifications. It has always puzzled me that a stranger can KNOW all about a dog’s quirks and personalities that even the owners aren’t immediately aware of.

  15. Tanja says:

    i think there should be more parks for dogs , its hard when you have a family and a dog to have a nice time , im not saying kids arent gonna be toppled over but there should be parks strictly for dogs and parent just need to watch what there kids are doing and to be careful. Iv seen lots of kids rushed by rollerbladers down by the beach , i was one of them infact … does that mean we get rid of all the rollerbladers or let families be more aware ?

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