New Moon opens at Fifth Avenue – Beware of Screaming Tweens!


Twi-hards around the world have been waiting on baited breath to sink their teeth into (cheesy pun intended) the new Twilight Saga: New Moon. Well the wait is over and for all you local vampire fans Fifth Avenue Cinema is showing Bella, Edward, and shirtless Jacob at their theatre starting tonight.

I spoke with an employee at Fifth Avenue a few hours before the evening screening opens and they are preparing for a sold out crowd. New Moon will be screened in their largest theatre with a seating capacity of 320, but they still anticipate people will be turned away. You can still purchase tickets online for tonight’s show times but even with ticket in hand you will want to line up early to ensure you get a good seat. For anyone who was at the Sex and the City Movie opening night it will be similar lines and madness…minus the Manolo’s!

I have my ticket for Sunday, which sadly outs me as a Twilight fan but not big enough to battle crazed crowds on opening night – I draw the line there!! I will write my review at that time, if you see it I want to know your thoughts too. Love it, hate it, or still confused who the heck Edward is. Let me know!

Last modified: November 20, 2009

3 Responses to " New Moon opens at Fifth Avenue – Beware of Screaming Tweens! "

  1. Corey Kaye says:

    Vampires in the sun? Say it ain’t so! I’d probably like this movie better if it wasn’t for that pesky Y chromosome.

  2. Frances says:

    Many people bash Twilight over the fact that the vampires are romanticized instead of the usual predatory portrayal. In Twilight’s defense– and I can’t believe I’m saying this– the vampire figure in pop culture is all about vague reinvention. Vampires waffle between being scary but attractive, brooding but sensual, gritty but glamorous (sparkling?), immaterial but rich, monster but human.

    Vampires go back and forth between romance and terror, even way back when Bram Stroker’s Dracula came out. And it’s that tension between desire and danger that still draws in tweens to this day, be it Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Edward the vegetarian virgin.

  3. Scott says:

    I actually think most people bash Twilight over the exceptionally poor storyline, even worse acting (notice she has the same look on her face the entire first movie, kind of a stoned on valium look), the horrible character build of the main story lead.. I could go on! It’s like watching your brain ooze out of your ear, on high def.