En-countering Kits


Scrawling through a library with spiral staircases, portraits adorning the walls and foreign accents whispering their way across my ears I came across a text discussing the contended topic of counter-cultures. I slid down the rack of books and opened the worn cover. As I browsed through pages speaking of house-boating communities along the Thames, I did not expect to come upon pages illustrating “Rainbow Road”. Kits in the 60’s certainly created a name for itself as a north of the boarder take on “Haight-Ashbury”. As I sat in that damp library in the U.K. gently turning the pages of the book, I grew increasingly entranced by the prospect of living in what is now a slightly reformed haven of counter-culture seekers.

Is this how Kits is viewed, as a reformed and revamped neighbourhood of counter-culture seekers and habits? Or is this what it was, if so what is it now? Is there now more polish than pastel? How do you describe your neighbourhood?

Rainbow Road remained on my mind as I wrapped up my last terms of university. Upon completion, I made my way home to Whistler. It only took me a week to compile my belongings and park my derrière in Kits.

I am a suitcases and airplanes kind of gal, but I now find myself going on the most consecutive days in one place. Six months in one neighbourhood and I adore it. Meeting new people and finding new places to spend my time all within the locale Canadian writer Alice Munro depicted as a neighborhood composed of “high wooden houses crammed with people living tight.”
Not really feeling a need to pack up any suitcases at the moment.

How I landed the perfect beach shack, I still don’t know…it may have something to do with having to share a room. But isn’t it worth it?

Last modified: November 8, 2009

2 Responses to " En-countering Kits "

  1. Ri says:

    Ocean view, and a bike ride commute to work that takes you past mountains?
    Totally worth it.

    More stories please.

  2. vancityguy says:

    cool post…thanks