Host your own Halloween Kits Condo Crawl


This past weekend my fellow Kitsilano dwellers and I got together to host the first (and now sure to be annual) Kits Condo Crawl. It was such a big success I wanted to share the concept with everyone. With Halloween coming up this weekend it might be perfect time to host your own Spooky Condo Crawl. Here’s how you do it!

  1. Wrangle up 3 or 4 friends who have a condo/apartment or house in the Kits area and ask them to be a host location for the party.
  2. Head to Facebook, Evite, or your online tool of choice and start your guest list. Warning: Cap the guest list at a reasonable number. Most Kits Condo’s aren’t that big!
  3. Make it a theme. If you are doing this for Halloween ensure everyone dresses up. If you are doing it on a non-holiday weekend we always like to make it a theme, because it is always more fun than partying in your regular clothes! Mexico, 80’s, Western, tight and bright…the theme options are endless.
  4. If you have really nice hosts who are willing to cover the costs of beverages and nibbles that’s great ( and please introduce me to them) but we asked each crawler to bring $20 at the door and that money went back to the hosts to cover their costs for the evening. Guests don’t usually scoff at requesting cash at the door, because a night out at any club or bar in this city will set you back much more than that.
  5. Of course remember to tell your guests to walk/crawl home at the end of the night or take a cab. These condo crawls have a way of getting very messy, very quickly!

There you go. Forget battling the crowds this Halloween weekend and paying way too much for exclusive event tickets, the best party is right in your own hood! Happy party planning!

Last modified: October 26, 2009

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  1. Pete says:

    6. Bring a shot-ski with you to all crawl locations.