Return your SIGG Bottle to U – The Life Accessory Store in Kits


U – The Life Accessory Store at 2028 Vine Street wants as many people as possible to be informed about the recent SIGG bottle voluntary exchange .

While SIGG is telling customers to mail their bottles in themselves, U – The Life Accessory Store is making it easier by letting anyone exchange their SIGG bottle at their Kits location – no matter where your bottle was purchased (no receipt required).

If your SIGG bottle was manufactured prior to August 2008, take it in to U – The Life Accessory Store before October 31st, 2009 to exchange if for a new bottle. To determine if your bottle has the BPA liner , visit to see photos comparing the new 100% BPA free EcoCare liner to the former SIGG bottle liner.

Last modified: September 28, 2009

2 Responses to " Return your SIGG Bottle to U – The Life Accessory Store in Kits "

  1. Alexandra says:

    wow – thanks for letting us know about this. definitely going to do this asap.

  2. We just received a new shipment of SIGG bottles in today – Sept.29.2009. So it is a good time to come in and return your old SIGG bottle and trade it for a new one. The SIGG voluntary Exchange program has been extremely popular so we go through the bottles quickly. We are more than happy to email you when we get new shipments in – to save you the hassle of arriving for your SIGG Exchange when our shelves are empty. Please, call 604.879.9135 for more information. Thank You. Unity Whittaker