Bimini’s to reopen in early 2010 with $2 Million reno


According to Vancouver Sun Gossip columnist Malcolm Parry, Donnelly Hospitality Management will be reopening Bimini’s Tap House in early 2010.

Likely to stay there, too. It’s a big deal for Donnelly even to leave downtown for Kitsilano, take over neighbourhod-pub pioneer Peter Uram’s fire-damaged Bimini’s Tap House and put $2 million into an early-2010 reopening. Before then, he’ll spend a trifling $500,000 readying Broadway-off-Fir’s former Carnegie’s to become “a dark and gritty pub” called The Academic. The joint gets its liquor-primary licence from frequent partner Murray Kryski’s old Big Bam Boo operation four blocks east.

Great to hear that the Donnelly clan making more moves on the Westside with the rebrand of Carnegie’s into The Academic as well.

Photo credit: Stephen Dyrgras

Last modified: October 12, 2021

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