Lack of members could force the Billy Bishop Legion closure


For years Canadian war veterans have gathered at the Billy Bishop Legion in Kitsilano to share stories, honour fallen soldiers and share a pint or two. But the Legion, named after Canada’s most famous World War I fighter pilot, is in danger of closing by month’s end because of a lack of members.

Another problem for the Billy is that is has a $20K property tax bill to pay. Luckily the city is considering what it can do to ease that burden.

“There are quite a few worthy causes which would like tax breaks. You have to figure out, in the context of things, is this good policy or not,” said city Councillor Suzanne Anton. “I’m inclined to think it is, but we’re waiting to hear recommendations from city staff.”

Here’s a fix – if you would like to see the Billy stick around in our neighbourhood, head on in and buy a $60 annual membership. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a military background to join.

Last modified: September 16, 2009

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