“Collective Colour Chaos”: A Kitsilano Community Art Project


When we celebrated Hippie Daze last month, the imagine1day organization was there to involve the whole community in creating the art project called “Collective Colour Chaos.”  Over 250 “creatributors” armed with brushes dabbed paint to cover every single space of the 8’x4′ canvas.

Colour Collective Chaos

Now, the resulting art project is up for auction, all for a good cause. The entire winning bid will help fund the construction of a new primary school in the community of Atsemba, Ethiopia where children currently attend school under a tree.

Whether it’s for philanthropic reasons or for your personal esthetic pleasure, anyone who’s interested in acquiring the painting may place a bid at bid@imagine1day.org until September 15th.  Please include the value of your bid, your full name and a phone number. I believe the painting is now at $150, and bids go up by $5 increments.

If you would like to come by and see the painting in person and in closer detail, it is currently on display at:

2 – 2108 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6K 1N6

Last modified: September 4, 2009

One Response to " “Collective Colour Chaos”: A Kitsilano Community Art Project "

  1. Sapna Dayal says:

    The last bid is at $200. Check out this video to learn a bit more about our projects.


    Thanks Kitsilano.ca!