Kits’ Events compete for attention this weekend


There is certainly a lot going on in Kitsilano this weekend. The inaugural Kitsilano Film Festival is piggy-backing the Kitsilano West 4th Avenue Business Improvement Association‘s Summer of Love Festival on Saturday giving residents plenty of reasons to head to West 4th.

But the folks from the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce are backing the KitsFest 2009 down on Kits Beach.


KitsFest is a sports and healthy living entertainment festival with the aim of creating a lasting legacy for Kitsilano Beach and beyond. Festivities this year include a Tennis and Basketball tournament, Motown 70’s music, plenty of games for kids and family fun, even a baseline food bistro with some of Vancouver’s most recognizable establishments operated by The Watermark and participating vendors Regal Beagle, Milestones, Nando’s, Vera’s Burgers and Taco Shack.

Can’t really blame the businesses NOT on West 4th for supporting KitsFest as it should bring a little attention down the hill towards the beach.

But I must say I’m a little disappointed that the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce and the Kitsilano West 4th Business Improvement Association couldn’t work together and avoid going  head-to-head on the same weekend.

Last modified: August 11, 2009

2 Responses to " Kits’ Events compete for attention this weekend "

  1. abel says:

    Take it easy on the West 4th Ave BIA – if it wasn’t for the half-baked annual Summer of Love event, they’d have nothing to do.

  2. Mark says:

    The KitsFest was a wonderful event thanks for making it happen. I hope to see the whole west side have a weekend event with the KitsFest some day.