What’s your favorite recipe from Kitsilano?


Kitsilano.ca is excited to announce that we’re supporting the new Kitsilano version of  Cook the ‘Hood.

coverCook the ‘Hood is an organization that celebrates neighbourhood spirit, promotes local businesses, and provides a mechanism to support local programs and initiatives providing food assistance to those in need.

How do they do ALL that?  Through a cook book.

The concept may sound familiar if you’re seen their inaugural Commercial Drive version. Focusing on neighbourhoods renowned for the foodie environment with a segment of their population in need of food assistance, Cook the ‘Hood is essentially a collection of recipes from local businesses in support of the local community.

The Kitsilano version is coming out in November and will make a great stocking stuffer. The publishers have 5 spots left for Kitsilano eateries, so if you have a favorite food item hailing from the hood, mention it in the comments and maybe we can get them in the book with the recipe.

Last modified: July 31, 2009

9 Responses to " What’s your favorite recipe from Kitsilano? "

  1. Molly says:

    Cool! I really enjoyed the ‘Drive version. I kept buying them as i thought about more and more people who would enjoy this great little book.

  2. Jody says:

    Capers lentilburgers!

  3. Kristen says:

    Hmmm maybe Sophie’s will share how they make their Jimmy the Greek Eggs Benny! Or the Nevermind Fish Tacos!

  4. Marnie says:

    I have a fondness for Sophies belgian waffles….the recipe would be nice to have!

  5. RobMagus says:

    I think Jolly’s original butter chicken should definitely be in this book. of course, Jolly probably won’t give away the recipe for it – but -something- from Jolly’s should be in here!

  6. Heather says:

    anything from Mon Bella. love that place.

  7. kitsgirl says:

    the chocolate mousse from Bistrot bistro is fantastic!! so is pretty much everything from Las Margarita’s. And the pizza’s from Hells Kitchen.

  8. Anonymous says:

    split pea soup from capers

    or lentil dahl from sejuiced

  9. Danny- says:

    I haven’t tasted any food here in kitsilano, but I think I would love to try it all. So I will know the best dish I would pick from. And I would do a research paper for the best cuisine in Canada.