Stickfighting in Kitsilano


I have fond memories of dueling with my younger brothers, armed with sticks made from rolls of insulation foam.

We used to fight in the basement of my parents’ house, making lightsaber noises. I remember how exhausted we were after it. The combination of endorphin and fun made it a very intense experience.

Decades later, I found out that many people have similar memories.

I met a group of grownups who enjoy playing tag (and other schoolyard games) in Clark Park.

It comforted me in my belief that many people are interested in alternative sports. Especially in a neighborhood as sporty as Kitsilano!

That is why, with the help of my friends, I started Vancouver Stick Fighting.

The rules are simple :

  • sfuFight safely (using padded weapons) and respectfully.
  • Do not use brute force. Be subtle. Try to hit without being hit.
  • Define your own scoring rules before fighting.

Once a week, we gather in one of Kitsilano’s parks. I provide padded sticks and helmets for the newcomers. We agree on a few basic rules. Then, the fun begins.

We try new moves, and learn from each other. Our cultural differences provide us with a wealth of fighting-styles to draw inspiration from.

We do it for free and for fun. There is no goal, besides improving our skills and having a good time.

If you are interested, check our website for information on our next session.

Last modified: July 21, 2009

One Response to " Stickfighting in Kitsilano "

  1. HJG says:

    Wow, the second pair without helmets look like they are trained fencers! I have had a few lessons in fencing and I recognize their moves, lol.