Kitsilano Home prices surge


Kitsilano attached homes have in the past 30 days experienced a surge in prices from a median of $455,000 [60 days ago] to $482,500 today, while concurrently suffering a drop in sales from 83 to 60. The number of expired listings remained the same at 8. Price reductions 60 days prior reached 59 and have dropped to 39 this last period.

60/30 Comparison


Notable is that the Detached and Apartment sectors of Vancouver residential real estate took a hit downward in this last period (see ). One could assume that the reduction in the number of sales for Kitsilano Attached is an indicator that the affordability factor has hit this segment of the market and the next period will reflect a further decline in sales with prices adjusting downward in line with Detached and Apartments.

For those buying, be cautious! A number of bank appraisers are beginning to question the ‘value’ in this latest round of price increases. Many buyers assume that a pre-approval guarantees that they will get a mortgage. Not so! Read the fine print on your letter. You’ll find that the “property’s value” must be acceptable to the lender prior to lending you the money. Making an offer without a condition to financing, is risky. Should the bank not agree with the value you have offered you may be liable for the purchase price. Unless you have just won the Lotto, it’s not where you want to go.

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Last modified: July 9, 2009

3 Responses to " Kitsilano Home prices surge "

  1. Another Steve says:

    Watch out. It’s a suckers rally 🙂

  2. Brett says:

    You’re right ‘Another Steve’ and BMO and others are fueling the fire with the 2.99 five year, though most people won’t qualify. Doubtful that it’ll fall enough to make the grumpy fence sitters happy but any correction will rattle the cages of the so-called ‘investors’ that are still buying.

  3. Brett says:

    By the way ‘Another Steve’, you’ve been on the fence through a pretty incredible rally. How much higher will your ‘suckers rally’ go? Don’t be bitter, it might correct to the 2009 levels :)…then again, you felt those were too expensive.