Bootcamps must now pay to use Kits Beach


The proliferation of fitness bootcamps in city spaces has prompted The Vancouver Park Board to require businesses that run exercise classes in parks to register and pay a $12.70 per hour fee. The new permit requirement took effect on June 1st and is likely in response to complaints about noise as well as the growing competition for space in parks around Vancouver.

Park Board Commissioner Aaron Jasper insists that “We are not trying to gouge people, we want to make sure that these businesses are legitimate and that we are managing the parks properly.” According to a story on CTV today, the Park Board has already been in touch with about 50 bootcamp operators to advise them of the permit requirement.

Park rangers will be responsible for patrolling the parks and ensure that the new rules are enforced.

Bootcamp operators contacted by CTV said they are less than enthusiastic to learn that they will have to obtain a permit to use local parks. “Our participants our wondering why when they already pay for parks through their tax dollars,” said Robert Hepper, owner of Kitsilano’s Ultra Fit Bootcamp.

Last modified: June 30, 2009

5 Responses to " Bootcamps must now pay to use Kits Beach "

  1. Christine says:

    Most bootcamps I’ve seen are usually at 6 in the morning… I’m not sure where these noise complaints are coming from, but from what I’ve seen at that time it’s pretty quiet and there’s loads of room.

    Having said that, I think that the parks are right to ask for payment. The ultimate league pays and I pay to go to Fastlane in Kits Pool. I’m guessing that teams playing cricket, soccer or baseball also have to pay, so it’s only fair that bootcamps pay their share. We’re lucky to have such green spaces and if the money goes towards their maintenance, then I’m all for it.

  2. Dave says:

    “Our participants our wondering why when they already pay for parks through their tax dollars,” said Robert Hepper, owner of Kitsilano\’s Ultra Fit Bootcamp.

    And I’m left wondering why a legitimate business owner would expect free rent from the city. A permit is totally reasonable, and $12.70 works out to what, an extra dollar per person? Suck it up.

  3. Bill Barilko says:

    So-Called ‘Bootcamps’ playing amplified music @ 06:00 hrs are unwelcome near any inhabited area, I’m not sure why anyone can’t understand that.

  4. I do agree that there is a lot of boot camps / yoga groups at the beach. But, I am at the beach every morning walking my dog and I have never felt bothered or put out of my way by these groups. We live in Vancouver, and our outdoor space is large and abundant.

    I think $12.70 per hour is extreme. We are already paying for park use via tax dollars and these small businesses are already, most likely, paying their fair share of taxes. These boot camps are encouraging people to get outside and enjoy our beautiful city and to be healthy. As well as, many people participating in the boot camps and park are probably paying parking fees in the park’s parking lots. During the fall, winter & spring when less people are using the parks this is an added income for the city with thanks to these boot camps.

    Does the city plan on charging joggers and dog walkers next? How about sun tanners and bocce players?

    As well as, what does it matter if it is legitimate businesses running boot camps at beach. If I were to go to the beach to practice yoga with a group of friends, would we need to pay this $12.70 per hour?

  5. Bill Barilko says:

    Businesses operating in any municipality have to pay for a license and all kinds of additional fees depending on the nature of the business and the services required, this is life in the 21st century.

    Talk to a restaurant Manager sometime to enlighten yourself as to the true cost of doing business.

    Someone practicing Yoga privately doesn’t have a website.

    In the Bad Old Days people advertising something like Accounting services in neighbourhood newspapers soon found themselves with a bill from their municipality, in that regard the net has made a lot of people’s lives both less and more complicated.

    As to Dog Walkers if they have a website they should pay Yes.