Free Your Toes!


Flip Flop StoreThe first two things I did after we moved to Kits was have a baby so we could buy an expensive stroller and get myself a pair of flip flops.

Today, I finally had a chance to check out the newly opened Flip Flop Shops (1820 West 4th @ Burrard). The banners had been up since December, but they were probably smart to wait until the middle of spring to officially open up.

Flip Flop Shops originated in Boston (!?) and is now a chain of franchises across the US. The Kits location is the first one in Canada, and I would think there’s no better place in Canada for a flip flop store. I would be surprised if there was any neighbourhood, town, or city with more flip flops per capita. Tofino perhaps, but those are import flops.

The store looks great and the selection is huge. If you’re in the market for a pair, do yourself a favour and go say hi to Fiona (size 7) and Scott (size 8).

Last modified: May 19, 2010

4 Responses to " Free Your Toes! "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    Thanks for that I’ll have a peek.

    I doubt they can beat the pair of Crocs Athens I picked up on the net for $4.99 though.

  2. Tyler says:

    Cool! I’ll have to tell the girlfriend about this as she’s looking for new sandals.