Tribute to Wendy Ladner-Beaudry


I never met Wendy Ladner-Beaudry, but like may others in Vancouver, she enjoyed running, her family, and her city. Kitsilano has some of the world’s most active populations in the great outdoors. But more importantly, there is an optimism, a sense of what could be, a forward looking attitude whose aim is to better the individual through better health, and the community as we all can live longer to enjoy what we all have.

I know many people, including my wife, her friends, my friends and others who will not stop living the way they live because of one tragedy. We all need to be using common sense but one cowardly act will not stop that energy.

Her brother,Peter Ladner runs a Kits resident who recently ran in her honour. We extend our thoughts and prayers to the family that they will be comforted through this tragedy. But let us all send our respects through our actions to get out there and run. Or walk! Maybe jog. Maybe bike/blade/parasail or play some 2 on 2 beach volleyball. Be vigilant, smart and sensible, but show everyone that the spirit of Kitsilano is one of hope and celebration of what we all have, now that we are here.

Last modified: April 17, 2009

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