Ex-cell-ent Service at Tom Harris


tom-harrisIt’s very easy to dislike certain types of retail. We don’t own pets, so I could care less about dog bakeries. Same with tanning salons. Or yet another wireless store.

It often isn’t until you finally step into one of these stores that you realize how nice the service can actually be.

My cellphone contract was up, and we decided to switch back to prepaid. Rather than going through the motions online, or spend many many frustrating moments on the phone, we decided to pop into Tom Harris Cellular on West 4th (2163 @ Yew) on one of our strolls.

They were friendly, fast, and extremely helpful. Just an all-around pleasant experience. And our son walked away with a pretty cool dummy phone that he now uses to call Bert & Ernie.

Last modified: April 14, 2009

2 Responses to " Ex-cell-ent Service at Tom Harris "

  1. Oana says:

    You could care less? Or … could NOT care less?

  2. Like asking for a Coke and getting a carton of milk, service as it relates to cellphone dealers, at least in my view, is how do you say it nicely…’rather broad’.