Three New Kitsilano Cafés


Caffè Artigiano

Having received a Caffè Artigiano “free latte” card in the mail about two weeks ago, I visited the new location at 3036 West Broadway to check things out on Friday. I’m not one to turn down a free latte.

The new spacious Kitsilano café offers a lively vibe in comfortable surroundings. Staff training is still in-progress, but more than a few veterans were pouring and brewing to help keep the customers happy. The coffee? It was simply perfect: Hot, not bitter, and delicious.

For parents, there’s lots of maneuvering room for strollers (I counted five in the hour I was there), giving this café more of a family feel than the locations downtown.

Overall, it was a far more joyful atmosphere than I experienced at 3436 Coffee Lounge earlier in the week (I’m sorry to say). While the coffee was hot, the service ranked as cold and unfriendly. May give it another try in a week or two.

Yet another new Kitsilano café, Beans 2 Brew, has opened at the Black 2 Blonde salon at 3571 West 4th at Dunbar. It’s a bit of a strange mix to take in the scent of hair products with wafts of coffee, but the ladies there were a delight when I dropped by on one of their first days open.

So lots brewing in Kits these days—but then again when it comes to coffee shops in Vancouver, there always is.

Last modified: March 29, 2009

2 Responses to " Three New Kitsilano Cafés "

  1. Karen says:

    Caffè Artigiano has excellent customer service. They replaced a cap on our portable tumbler, no questions asked, even though we live out of province. Now I’m even more bummed that Caffè Artigiano hasn’t expanded outside of BC. Delicious latte, we miss you.