Kitsilano yarn bombed


Bike-rack Cozy in KitsThis Vancouver Sun article caught my eye last weekend. It’s about the emergence of knitted graffiti, which is cropping up on lampposts and fire hydrants worldwide—including Kitsilano.

I recently went to The Naam for a late-night dinner, only to notice a bike-rack cozy knitted with pastel yarn outside.

Yarn bombers, also known as craftivists and guerrilla knitters, wrap everything from parking meters to trees with knitted and crocheted strips.

Outside The Naam

Most knitters can sympathize with the roots of knitted grafitti, which blossomed from unfinished projects and ends of yarn. The pieces are often distinctly creative: Think knitted mushrooms, crocheted sneakers slung over power lines, and stitched banners.

Anyone seen evidence of any other yarn bombings around Kits?

Last modified: April 6, 2009

4 Responses to " Kitsilano yarn bombed "

  1. kitsgirl says:

    yes! i have seen those! theres a car on my street (2nd and arbutus) with a yarn scarf on the antennae. and right beside it is a sign post with a lovely knitted scarf as well. I had been wondering what those were for…….No offense, but they are kinda ugly!

  2. KINDA ugly? It’s like my grandmother has come back from the grave to make mittens and jumpers for inanimate objects.

  3. rbo says:

    but dudes, it softens the public realm and shows that people still care about their community! (in the same way grandmothers care about their grandchildren’s cold fingers and/or non-knitted sweater zones)