Viridian Green at 4th and Collingwood nearly complete (finally)


pharmasaveWe’ve seen the “Opening soon!” and “Now Hiring” signs posted outside Viridian Green at West 4th and Collingwood for more than a year now. But having peeked through the brown-papered windows recently, it looks like “soon” finally does mean soon.

At the Pharmasave-to-be, 3533 West 4th, there are permanent red-and-white signs up on the outside of the brick building. Inside, we can see plenty of Revlon boxes and assembled cosmetics shelves. Even the aisles are already labeled. Next door at the Starbucks, things are moving equally quickly with art on the walls and display cases in place.

Once complete, the Viridian Green development will include a Marketplace IGA, Starbucks, Pharmasave, and 22 town homes. Permanent signs are not yet up for the IGA — which is still sporting the long-familiar opening-soon banners.

We suspect the seven unsold town homes (according to their website) are a big reason for the development’s sluggish progress.

Last modified: March 10, 2009

6 Responses to " Viridian Green at 4th and Collingwood nearly complete (finally) "

  1. Glenn says:

    Hooray, another Starbucks! Just what we needed.

  2. Angie says:

    I checked out the open house here earlier today – pretty nice places. A good layout for 1200 square feet. Plus, they include 2 parkings, which is nice. However, most of the units look right into each other – not the most private. The 2 best units are on Collingwood St, but they are also the most expensive.

    I did ask the salesperson if the asking prices were the same as when the units went up for sale originally…and they are. I’d wait for a price drop before considering it seriously.

  3. Jason says:

    7 suites now? It was 5 for quite some time there, 2 previous buyers must have been able to wriggle their way out. I live very nearby, and the site has been quite the gong show for over 3 years now.
    BTW, the salesperson lied. I checked the current listings, and the prices have gone down.

  4. Wayne says:

    The Starbucks in that location is not going in. They have pulled their offer to lease and the space is bare.

    What will we do with one less Starbucks?