Molson’s 2010 Mural Project


If you commute across the Burrard Bridge into downtown daily, you likely saw quite a commotion at the Molson Brewery this morning. Turns out they’re launching their 2010 Mural Project today.

Canada’s gearing up for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, so Molson Canadian is building a mega-mural to show your support.

Over the next few months, we’re going to plaster the Molson Canadian brewery in Vancouver with thousands of pictures of Canadians just like you. Once the mural’s done, we’ll have a special message for Team Canada as they prep for the Games.

Looks like a pretty cool project that should draw some attention to Kits-side of the bridge over the next year.

Last modified: February 11, 2009

4 Responses to " Molson’s 2010 Mural Project "

  1. adam moffat says:

    Adam from Molson here. Thanks for the post! We’re super excited about the mural and think it’ll be cool to see the transformation of the mural over time as new faces are added. Not everyday you get your mug on the side of a brewery 😉

  2. ariane c says:

    I saw this while walking across to the Burrard Bridge; glad I checked in here, good to know what it’s all about!!

  3. Monique from Molson here. Like Adam, I appreciate the post! I am really looking forward to the building and unveiling of all of its sections. I am so proud to work for a company which believes in active lifestyles and sports. To all the athletes who will be representing Canada in Vancouver, our best wishes of success and cheers!

  4. shane says:

    Fantastic idea, I like the mural. Too bad I was given a bad first impression when the CKNW truck parked on the bridge blocking half of the pedestrian pathway. It created a bottleneck of pedestrians and cyclists. I was also forced too close to the edge between the pathway and traffic when a CKNW employee was standing on the already narrowed path.