LetsGoForDinner Doubles Your Dollar


A couple of times I have been to an event or dinner where my companion has used a vouchers from one of those discount books. The names of them escape me, but I’ve always found these voucher books intriguing.

In many ways they hold incredible value, but only if you use enough of the vouchers. And then of course only if you use vouchers for things that you would have done anyway or for things you’ve been meaning to try for a while. Despite this perceived value, we have never bothered buying a voucher book.

LetsGoForDinner makes using vouchers a lot easier. The concept is extremely simple. Buy a certificate for a specific restaurant and LetsGoForDinner doubles your value. For instance, they offer a dinner certificate for Sanafir with a face value of $50 that costs you $25.

The only restrictions are that certificates come in one fixed amount, have to be used within 90 days of purchase, and cannot be used on certain blackout days (like valentine’s day, mother’s day, etc.). Currently not too many restaurants are signed up, but the site promises more are soon to follow. The Kitsilano pickins are especially slim; so far LGFD only offers lunch and dinner certificates for Trattoria Italian Kitchen. In both cases $15 will get you a $30 certificate.

Last modified: January 25, 2009

One Response to " LetsGoForDinner Doubles Your Dollar "

  1. darren says:

    As someone whose used Entertainment books, this is kinda cool. Thanks, Erik.

    As far as Sanafir goes, if anyone decides to go, do NOT show up early and tell them you did!