Make that a Seaweed Wrap


Solarice Wellness SpasThree months ago we reported that WrapZone had permanently closed its doors.

It didn’t take SpaEthos long to take over the space and expand their great spa offerings. They have designated the new space primarily for manicures and pedicures – how can they not – and they’ll accommodate both groups and walk-ins.

So no seaweed wraps I’m afraid, but the title was too tempting to pass up on. And they are still available next door, although there they are called Oceanic Cellulite Body Wraps.

A smaller change that seems to have happened concurrently is that SpaEthos now operates under the Solarice Wellness Spas banner, which links them to two Whistler spas. Oh, and apparently it’s Solarice as in solaris, not solar ice.

Last modified: January 13, 2009

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