Someone doesn’t like Cupcakes


Larry over at YatterMatters gave us the heads up on a surprising and disturbing act of vandalism on West Broadway this week.

Once again Santa delivered lumps of coal to the local Cupcakes store on West Broadway. Memory serves that in time for Christmas the windows had been replaced. This latest act of aggression is the third lump delivered this December. It’s enough to flattened anyone’s cake.

All or Nothing – This time the Grinch decided that one window was insufficient. They smashed every window in the place. Now, the store is completely boarded up including the entrance.

Off the List – Rationale for retribution exists somewhere in the snow. A guess is that some Elf is really pissed because they were left of the Cupcake list. It seems overt that such vandalism would result from not getting enough icing on your cake.

Last modified: December 27, 2008

2 Responses to " Someone doesn’t like Cupcakes "

  1. Bill Barilko says:

    This is terrible I walk past a few times a week and was stunned to see the first damage, wasn’t sure if the plywood was up to cover that now I find out it’s happened 3 times?!

    The product isn’t my favourite but I bet it’s disgruntled ex-staff not someone who doesn’t like sweets.

  2. ariane c says:

    Just saw this too, walking along Broadway! What a shame. Did their Denman location get hit too?