Changes at Mon Bella


Two changes in the past month or so, actually. First, Urban Diner reported that chef Jay Brault was being replaced with Lauren Campbell, but her reign was so short lived, we didn’t even have time to tell you about it. Two very different reasons for Lauren’s departure are offered in the comments section of this post, ranging from “she was fired because she’s difficult and a diva” to “she left because the place was dead”. Oh well, it’s all moot now anyway, as she has since been replaced with Brian Fowke, former chef of Metro and Rare.

I guess we may have to send Angie back to check out the new Mon Bella and let us know what she thinks of the change.

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Last modified: December 11, 2008

2 Responses to " Changes at Mon Bella "

  1. Angie says:

    Yes, I’m planning on going back next week! 🙂

    Brian is a great chef. I took a cooking class with him earlier this year in the Metro kitchen and he cooked up some awesome dishes.

  2. Erik V. says:

    Hehe. That’s awesome! Care to write up a review when you’ve gone 🙂