Proposed Hemlock Station – FAIL


I’ve been meaning to write about the proposed Hemlock Station boutique retail complex on the street locked triangular island at Hemlock, West 4th, and West 6th for awhile. The ‘coming soon’ signs have been up forever but it looks like this project may never get off the ground and the Urban Puppy will have a home for awhile.

While the demographics of the location are impressive – 24,400 people live with 1 km – the only thing that could possibly make this location work is a drive-thru Starbucks or a bull-dozer. Here’s how the leasing agent is selling it:

Property Description: A Premier Boutique Shopping Plaza! Hemlock Station will be undergoing a MAJOR RENOVATION and REVITALIZATION in the spring of 2007. The renovation will result in approximately 17,670 square feet of new retail space over 2 levels. The lower level will have direct access off of West 4th Avenue while the second level will have direct access off of West 6th Avenue. Units will range in size from 515 sq.ft. to 2,721 sq.ft. Other features include:

  • Ideal project for fresh food concepts, eateries, cafes, boutiques and convenience oriented businesses.
  • Hemlock Station will provide one of the best parking facilities for retail within the immediate area.

Location Description: Hemlock Station is ideally located along the busy commuter routes of West 4th Avenue, Hemlock Street (an on-ramp to the Granville Street Bridge that provides many commuters with access to Vancouver’ s downtown peninsula), and West 6th Avenue at the convergence of three highly sought-after affluent Vancouver neighbourhoods of Fairview Slopes, False Creek (south) and South Granville. Also on the doorstep of trendy shopping districts like West 4th Ave & Granville Island.

Considering the current economy and the fact that this project couldn’t get off the ground at the best of times, it looks like Hemlock Station will remain a collection of auto repair shops and pet stores for awhile.

Last modified: February 10, 2010

4 Responses to " Proposed Hemlock Station – FAIL "

  1. MT says:

    construction is happening now…anyone know what is going in there?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Almost complete, so I’d like to consider that “not a FAIL”!

  3. Calling bulls#$@ says:

    Nice work Anonymous. Weekly responses to make it look there is actually some support for this development. Let me guess, you’re the leasing agent?

    Boutique Dog Hotel??? Ha.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Calling bulls#$@

    I actually live in the Modena, and we’ve been hoping for a grocer type tenant for a long time now. Granville street is becoming too saturated with furniture stores and art galleries. I don’t appreciate your tone either.