La Petite France


La Petite FranceJust around the corner from us sits a great little café called La Petite France (2655 Arbutus @ West 10th). An alert reader pointed out to us that they have recently changed owners, but thus far little has changed at La Petite France. And that is a good thing.

They offer a great selection of beautiful and, more importantly, delicious pastries, including what may well be the best croissants in the city. The cozy little room is perfect for some lazy lingering, and if you’re looking for something savoury instead, they have some simple lunch dishes, including some pastas and great quiches.

One last word of advice; if you’re looking for a great weekend breakfast or coffee treat, try their almond brioche. You may have to call ahead though, as they only make them on the weekend, and they tend to go fast.

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Last modified: November 18, 2008

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