Jackson’s Thriller comes to Watermark


This Saturday, Ceroc SFU is leading an army of zombies in dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller as part of Thrill The World 2008.

The dance happens on October 25th at 11:00am sharp and will be held in front of the Watermark Restaurant at Kits Beach.  The Vancouver event will also be raising money for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

Thrill The World is an international phenomenon that has taken the world by storm.  People from 97 events in 12 countries will be dancing Thriller at exactly the same time.  Word of Ceroc SFU’s event has spread like wildfire through the “Thrill The World Vancouver” Facebook and e-mail, with over fifty people attending their free Thriller dance lessons over the past two weeks.   Participants (and hopefully spectators) will make a minimum $10 donation to the Vancouver Food Bank.  Remember that with every dollar donated, the Food Bank can buy three dollars of groceries for those in need.

Last modified: October 23, 2008

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