Scoop! goes Hot and Starts Double Stamp Days


Frozen yogurt is a great treat. Especially on a hot summer day. But some people might not be so enticed by a cup of this extra cold goodness on a day like we’ve been having lately, no matter how caramelly or chocolaty you make the toppings.

Well the folks at Scoop! have added some things to their repertoire to accommodate winter-frozen-yogurt-nay-sayers. For starters, they are now serving coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. But what’s even better is that they also started serving warm waffles, brownies, and apple pie. With a side of fro-yo of course, and hot fudge to top it off!

Not only have they added stuff to the menu, they also added some tables, and the place looks cozier for it. They also threw in a small selection of boardgames, so you can pretty much hole up in there for a rainy afternoon if you want to.

And if you drop by on a Tuesday, they will give you two stamps for each item purchased, ensuring you get to your next free treat double as fast.

Last modified: October 18, 2008

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