Fatality at Arbutus and Cornwall


While many were enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner – the VPD was called to three separate incidents where cars had crashed into buildings. Around 4:30 Sunday afternoon, police were called to the 3400 block of Dunbar Street arrived to find someone had driven their car into a real estate office.

It was quiet for the next few hours – but then just before 10 o’clock they responded to calls of a car into the front of a house in the 2500 block of East 22nd Avenue. No one was hurt in those incidents.

A third crash happened just a few minutes later at Cornwall and Arbutus. A woman – who may have had a pre-existing medical condition – lost control of her car and drove into the living room of a basement suite. She later died in hospital.

Last modified: October 13, 2008

5 Responses to " Fatality at Arbutus and Cornwall "

  1. Are you sure you are a Kitsilano boy?
    “East 22nd and Trafalgar”?
    Is that on the almost at press Olympic Visitors guide?

    Let’s not forget the boys jumping ship. I suspect they met the fate of most Canadian drownings when they landed. It’s the first gasp of hitting that friggen cold water that gets you.
    Weird weekend. :>(

  2. Rob says:

    Ooops – typo – corrected.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Oh dear. One of those incidences occurred within walking distance of where I live!

  4. RK says:

    If you live in Kitsilano, it’s in walking distance from where we ALL live.