The Sushi Bar on West 4th


When my partner and I moved to Kits four years ago, we tried several Japanese restaurants within easy walking distance from our 2nd & Vine apartment but none of them really impressed us with their quality, value, or ambiance. To get our sushi fix, we would actually drive to our old Friday night hang-out, Sushi Hachi in Kerrisdale!

Finally, after finding Annapurna closed one afternoon, we decided to check out The Sushi Bar a couple of doors down at 1822 West 4th Ave. With the bright lighting and minimal décor, it wasn’t exactly welcoming but we were hungry so we went in! I can’t even recall what we ordered the first time but it has become our regular sushi joint because of the tasty food and good value. The service isn’t exactly friendly but it’s quick so you won’t starve waiting for your food!

Recently, they have started offering brown rice sushi, which is very filling and more flavourful than white rice. I usually order the veggie box which includes some of the best tempura I’ve tasted (light, crisp, and non-greasy) plus a veggie roll, tofu teriyaki on rice, salad, orange slice and miso soup! As the veggie box is so big, I share it with my partner who usually order three rolls – a combination of avocado and spinach gomae. We are usually quite satiated after this meal which only comes to about $15 with tax! We’re vegetarian so we haven’t tried the fish but they have some innovative rolls using mango and other interesting ingredients. So, if you’re looking for good, cheap sushi, check out The Sushi Bar.

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Last modified: September 29, 2008

3 Responses to " The Sushi Bar on West 4th "

  1. -R- says:

    I always love vegetarian reviews of sushi restaurants…how well executed was the kappa maki?

    As someone who appreciates the most well prepared seafood and freshness it’s difficult to take a vegetarian sushi review seriously.

  2. Nice post. We will have to try it out the next time we are down in Vancouver.

  3. Megan says:

    The Sushi Bar is definitely the best place in Kits, if not the West Side, if not Vancouver overall, for inexpensive and excellent quality sushi. Mandala on 4th and Balsam is the next step up.