Guest Restaurant Review: The Eatery


Guest Restaurant Review by Vanessa Choot of Modern Mix Vancouver.

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Are you tired of going to the same restaurants over and over again? Bored of the same menu choices and looking for something different? Then you should definitely check out The Eatery at 3431 West Broadway, a funky diner with a casual atmosphere, a great menu and crazy decor. On the edge of the Kitsilano neighbourhood with abundant street parking and easily accessible public transit, you have no excuse not to try this place out. From plastic toys to pop art paintings, over 100 menu items to choose from and an extensive drinks menu, it’s always an exciting time at The Eatery.

With the “Kitsilano Roll” (BBQ salmon, avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe, tempura bits and mayo), The Eatery stays true to its Westside Vancouver roots while fusing with East Asian dishes. There’s the “Cali Mango Roll”, a twist of Philipino influence paired with the classic crab meat, avocado and mayonnaise combination. For the artistically inclined, the “Andy Warhol” (mango, tuna and salmon mayo) is a colorful spin on sushi. Meanwhile, the “Miss Piggy Roll” is “100% Kermit approved” with bacon, scallops, asparagus, roe and unagi sauce. Many of The Eatery’s dishes are customizable, with a choice to suit everyone’s taste. For example, yellow curry can be spiced on a scale of one to 10 from “sweet” to “pain”. Similarly, the teriyaki can please the vegetarian pallet with tofu, the meat-eaters with chicken or beef and even the seafood-lover with salmon.

“Miso hungry”? Not after going to The Eatery!

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Last modified: September 15, 2008

3 Responses to " Guest Restaurant Review: The Eatery "

  1. Alex says:

    The Eatery used to be funky and offer good food. But it’s going down hill.
    We had diner there with a bunch of friends, one of us got served a Chicken Don Buri with uncooked chicken (starting a trend of chicken sashimi, are they?), we found a prawn SHELL in a veggie noodle dish, the captain crunch sushi were… soggy!
    When I asked the owner why my Agge dash don Buri was so bland he said that he agrees, it is bland, but that vegetarians seems to like bland food… (??!!). Being vegetarian myself, that last comment didn’t go down very well, I wish he had put a ‘bland food’ warning on the menu, I could have saved $11.95.
    I don’t recommend this place, sushis are not cheap nor good quality, even if the decor is funky. I heard Gu in downtown is an amazing sushi bar…