Evelyn & Suzette


Since the first day we moved to Kits, I have marveled over the strangeness of having two ubiquitous and rather demure looking breakfast and lunch places two doors down from one another. I am of course talking about Evelyn’s Caffé & Grill and Suzette’s Deli at 2176 and 2180 West Broadway, respectively (Broadway & Arbutus). The only thing separating Evelyn from Suzette is Miyoko. Miyoko’s Beauty Salon.

What’s the story behind Evelyn and Suzette? Who was there first? Are they related? Friends perhaps? Or mortal enemies, fighting over presumably similar clientèle?

I could go in and find out of course. But I prefer not knowing. I prefer creating my own Evelyn and Suzette stories. Of never ending small gestures of animosity; too small for the public to notice, but large enough to keep each other awake at night. Or of great respect and friendship; a communal coffee every day, one day at Evelyn’s, the other at Suzette’s. And sometimes Miyoko is invited too.

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Last modified: August 22, 2008

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  1. Such mysteries make for fun. My guess: it’s one family with 3 daughters having the better of you. :>)