New Modern Greek Restaurant in Kits


Dining on West 4th Avenue towards Burrard Street continues to get better and better and as usual Andrew Morrison of Urban Diner is in the know first.

A 56 seat, modern Greek restaurant is taking over the old India Grill space at 1835 West 4th, just across the street from Trattoria Italian Kitchen and next door to soon-to-arrivers PHAT and Pinkys (fully licensed and everything). The young, brothers-in-law owners are scions of F&B families (Olympia Pizza, Caprice, Celebrities, Plaza) and are already partners in another venture, Kitsilano Billiards.

One of them, Alex Graffos, told me tonight that we can expect “Greek food like we’ve never had it before”. The emphasis will be on sharing plates, or “mize” as he calls it, referring to a popular dining style in Athens. The previous tenants had built over a perfectly good wood-burning oven, and it will now be restored and used during service. Bonus: Graffos says he’s shipping in only the best Greek wines and ouzos, the kinds we never get to see, buy, or taste. Cue Tim Pawsey’s saliva.

Piato, as the restaurant is called (it means “Plate” in Greek), is scheduled to open in September – probably around the same time as Pinky’s.

Last modified: July 19, 2008

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