West Point Grey Sandcastle Competition


Friday is my day off and this week that’s especially nice. Tomorrow, Friday July 18th, is the 17th annual West Point Grey Sandcastle Competition. From 10am until 3pm, over 1,000 competitors will be busy creating their sand structures all along Jericho, Locarno, and Spanish Banks beaches.

What makes this even better yet is that according to the tide table, the tide will be out late morning, and those mudflats make for pretty much the best toddler playground in the whole city. And we may just have to stay long enough to justify having lunch at one of the concession stands, as it is hard to beat their hot dog and fries combo.

Last modified: July 17, 2008

2 Responses to " West Point Grey Sandcastle Competition "

  1. buzzbishop says:

    not satisfied with the cache that “point grey” provides, they have to ratchet it out a few degrees of longitude and make it “west point grey” – for the love.