TC’s Cheap Eats in Kitsilano


So you want to hang out in Kits but you’re considering packing a picnic because you’ve heard that Kits has pricey upscale restaurants that will hit you hard in the wallet. Here are a few cheap eats that will take care of your hunger and leave you plenty of money for cheap beers on the patio at the Kings Head Pub. These are some of my favourite places to grab a bite for around $10.

If you’re looking for a quick breakfast of bacon and eggs, nothing beats Cafe Zen Cafe Zen on Yew on Urbanspoon on Yew Street. For around $10 (includes coffee) you’ll get rid of your hangover and be ready to lie on the beach for the day. Known for their no-nonsense food, the Zen is a favourite with the locals so come early if you want to avoid the lineups.

If it’s a full lunch you want and you find yourself in Kits during the week, go for the weekday lunch special at Win’s Restaurant. Hidden in a slightly below ground area of West 4th and Cypress, this gem is a must-dine for locals and visitors alike. For $6.95 you can pick up a full Chinese meal complete with soup and rice. The menu is extensive, the food is worthy of being in Chinatown and the ladies will take care of your every need.

For something different, try the crepes at the Gypsy Rose Café Gypsy Rose Cafe on Urbanspoon on West 4th at Maple. Again under $10 will get you a large crepe made quickly and lovingly in front of your eyes. My favourite is the tuna, spinach and cheese, my daughters favourite is the black forest ham, mozzarella and basil. If you’re feeling like a little Japanese food, try the Kishu Star Kishu Star on Urbanspoon restaurant on West 4th between Maple and Cypress on the North side of the street. Their weekday lunch specials are a staple of the Kitsilano working crowd. Pick up chicken donburi or yakisoba for $6.95, or spring for spicy tuna sashimi for $7.50.

Fancy something easy and filling to take with you to the beach? Then try the West 4th Safeway Panini sandwiches. Again, well under $10. And you can have almost anything in them. The selection is wonderful and if you can’t make up your mind, just order the Italian Classic… always a hit. The best thing about this meal is that you can pick up your sandwich, drink and bag of chips and pay for it at the sandwich counter without having to wait in the grocery line up. Fast, easy and made to order, you can’t go wrong with this meal.

If it’s a burger you want then nothing beats the cheap and tasty Joe’s Grill Joe's Grill on Urbanspoon burger. Often on the lunch special board outside the restaurant on West 4th, the Joe’s Grill burger is large, filling and consistently good. Again come slightly early at lunch to avoid the lineups…it’s another local lunch special hangout.

These are just some of the great cheap eats available in our Kitsilano neighbourhood. The best prices are usually the lunch meals on weekdays so check out the restaurant menus at that time. All of these restaurants do take out so grab a bite and head down to the beach. At these prices you might even want to spring for your buddy’s meal as well!

Last modified: June 30, 2008

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