Selling Condos for the Environment?


A while ago I came across this post on Urban Vancouver:

a young 25-year old condo owner in Kitsilano has decided that he wants to make a difference and help the environment. But he doesn’t want to just make a small difference; He is donating a full 10% of the profits he will be receiving on the sale of his condo (which should amount to $15,000) to local environmental groups.

It is very difficult these days not to be extremely cynical when it comes to real estate marketing. We’ve linked to Condohype here often enough, and a little while ago Urban Vancouver themselves were the victim of several spam posts by Team 3000, a low-fee real estate agency. And while the motivations might be totally legit and honorable, for some reason this post irks me. For starters, the title is in the first person – “Trying a new way to sell my place […]” – but then the post is in the 3rd person. To make it look more like a news article?

And while I think it’s great that the realtor involved – Sayo Nickerson – donates 10% of all her net revenue to environmental organizations, the post just reads a little too much like a real estate ad for cynical old me.

Last modified: May 20, 2008

2 Responses to " Selling Condos for the Environment? "

  1. It’s honorable “good will” news after the fact.

    Potential buyers would save a lot of “green” if the price were reduced by $15K plus Sayo’s 10%. .>)

  2. darren says:

    Nice one, Larry!