Kits Restaurant Legend has Stroke


One of Vancouver’s best-known and most popular restaurateurs is back working part-time after suffering a very minor stroke on the right side of his brain during the last weekend of April. John Bishop, owner of Bishop’s Restaurant in Kits, returned home from work on a busy Saturday night and sitting down for dinner when his left hand went numb. Bishop went to the emergency room, where he was given low-dose aspirin and a CT scan.

The Georgia Straight’s Charlie Smith had a chance to chat with Bishop this week and reports that Bishop is feeling lucky after the minor stroke and even has a sense of humor about it.

Bishop, a southpaw, said that he has about 75 percent of the movement back in his left hand. “I signed the paycheques last week,” he quipped. Bishop’s speech has not been affected because it’s controlled by the left side of the brain, which was unaffected. He said that he is now taking low-dose aspirin regularly, which thins the blood, and is undergoing more tests.

Get Well soon John!

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Last modified: May 16, 2008

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  1. John,

    Sincere best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

    Without the ‘Bishop’, Vancouver’s dining experience would be lacking.