For a Good Wine: Saint Cosme Cote du Rhone 2006


I just wrote about this on Just Grapes but it was such a good deal I had to share. It’s quite astonishing to get a wine in BC for $20 that evokes a sense of terroir. Most stuff is pretty commercialized and uninteresting, which is a shame given that in a deregulated market there would be plenty of great stuff in this price range. Until then, us BC wine consumers will have to rely on bottles like these.

cosme.jpgThis is a fabulous Cote du Rhone that has a lot more character than most every CDR I’ve tasted. I enjoyed the dark red berry flavours, the concentration and the lush texture. Amazingly, the flavour profile includes notes of earth and is filled with the great brambly character of a tasty Gigondas or Chateauneuf. The wine has tremendous depth for a CDR and exhibits authentic Rhone character without being light, boring or overly juicy. I could drink this as my every day table wine.

$20 at BC Liquor, Kits Wine Cellars, or Broadway International Wine Cellars

Last modified: April 11, 2008

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