Foie Gras on Fourth


According to UrbanDiner Liberation BC descended on Fuel & Gastropod as part of their Foie Gras campaign.

Anti-foie gras protesters have once again descended on West 4th’s Gastopod and Fuel. I wonder how they’d taste? I reckon the dude on the left wearing Sony’s new “atrocity flat screen” would be a little too douchey.

If you’ve got an opinion on the subject – be sure to weigh in on UD’s poll.

Last modified: April 4, 2008

2 Responses to " Foie Gras on Fourth "

  1. jess says:

    I found a really funny blog on that really nailed the fois gras argument and pointed out how stupid and cruel it is. The blog is called something like Fois Gras for the Holidays.
    You got to check it out: