Sustainable Spring Break at the Space Centre


SustainableThe H.R. MacMillan Space Centre (1100 Chestnut St. – Vanier Park) is hosting a series of sustainability workshops and events this week for spring break. Each day has its own theme and set of activities.

  • Today (Monday) was all about food, which, oddly, centered around a workshop on worms.
  • Tuesday focuses on climate and from 11am until 3pm, the BC Kite Association will host a kite building workshop. Where better to have a kite building workshop than in Vanier park?
  • Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm there is an interactive workshop focused on wind power as part of an energy themed day.
  • Thursday is transportation day, with a fuel cell powered car, an electric bike, the newest SMART car, and more on display. All afternoon you can ride around in a fuel cell powered vehicle.
  • Friday is all about recycling and you can take a water taste test to see whether bottled water makes sense in Vancouver. And if you bring a 2l pop bottle you can turn it into a rocket. A sustainable rocket I trust.
  • On the last day, Saturday, they will explore the theme of water, which includes a UNICEF hosted workshop from 11am-3pm.

See here for more details.

Last modified: April 25, 2019

One Response to " Sustainable Spring Break at the Space Centre "

  1. darren says:

    Cool idea. I still remember my first run in with a smart car back in the summer…was a little different, mind you.