For a Good Wine: L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah 2004


What best to drink in the middle of winter? Perhaps a warming, fruity, enveloping bit of liquid from Mexico. And, no I’m not talking about tequila. While it has been quite a fantastic February here in Vancouver, there is nothing quite like sitting back on a cool evening and indulging in a nice red. So, for today I’ve selected a wine from a region not typically known for good vino, but rather for warm and sunny vacations, with the hopes that the wine might elicit such feelings upon each sip.

l_a_cetto_petite_syrah.jpgL.A. Cetto is found in the valle de Guadelupe in Baja, and while I’m not too sure how many Mexican wines are worth drinking, generally this is an impressive effort and well worth the price. The nose on this Petite Sirah revealed mostly blackberry aromas, and a bit of alcohol (even though this was only 13.5%). The palate was quite interesting with cherry, blackberry, a bit of blueberry, black and red licorice and a hint of tar.  Overall it was a medium bodied wine with a lot of flavour, especially at this price point. If you are into robust fruity wines with a lot going on I highly recommend you give this a try. After all, when’s the last time you vacationed in Mexico for $17?  

$17 at Liberty Wine Merchants

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Last modified: March 7, 2008

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