Best Gym in Kitsilano


It’s time for New Year’s resolutions, so many of you are looking for a gym in Kitsilano to call home until the summer sun is upon us. Last year’s post on this topic elicited some heated comments that are worth a read, so I thought I’d open up the floor to see if some of the gyms have cleaned up their acts or if there is a new favorite place to work-out in Kits.

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Last modified: June 2, 2008

6 Responses to " Best Gym in Kitsilano "

  1. kitsgirl says:

    well, kits workout is a pretty good place. its not overly clean, but they have tonnes of cardio equipment and a ladies only section. and Lots of great classes that are included in the $19.95 per month fee. works for me! oh, and theres no meatheads either which is always nice!

  2. Alana says:

    DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM(kitsilano Workout) I recently had one of the worst experiences with Kitsilano gym. I cancelled by membership back in August, and I have just learned they have been direct depositing monthly fees and it’s NOVEMBER! When I called to figure out what was going on with my account I was told what a nice “story” I had, that I was probably lying, that the person who answered didn’t want to waste any more of their “manager time,” refused to give me their name or the name of the owner, and hung up on me. I cancelled the membership in August because I moved to Victoria to go to school in September. It’s simply unfair and bad business sense to 1) continue to charge me and 2) be so rude to me. A simple refund for the last month would have sufficied—but I guess the extra 50$ in the Kitsilano bank is worth over $10 000 in fees they would have gotten had they retained my as a member (I’m moving back to Vancouver in the summer). It’d be nice to support an independent gym like this one…but I guess me and as many people as I can convince to join me, will have to go elsewhere.

  3. I used to go to the Kit’s Community Center gym and found that to be quite adequate. It was renovated about ten years ago and that was a huge improvement over the dungeon it used to be. With your Fitness Center membership you get access to all the city fitness facilities such as pools and skating rinks.

    However, I’ve been a member with Fitness World for years now. I could do without some of the neon flashing lights and annoying music, but I don’t think you can really beat them for cleanliness and updated, working equipment.

    My two cents.


  4. Monica says:

    I joined Kitsilano Workout 3 years ago. The price was right, and they have great classes. What’s with Fitness World charging for all the good classes? I did notice that they cancelled one of my favorite Power Yoga classes and one of the Pilates classes in Sept. which was a total drag. I complained, as well as lots of members, I would think, and they have put BOTH those classes back on! Couldn’t ask for more! I love Kits Workout!

  5. saba says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a LADIES ONLY swimming pool or a rec cetre with ladies only swimming times in vancouver or burnaby?


  6. sue says:

    i haven’t come across any pools in vancouver or burnaby that have women’s only swim times. north surrey, minoru, and ron andrews rec centres (in surrey, richmond, and north van, respectively) do have women only swim sessions.

    hope that helps!