Bistro Pastis


A couple of weeks ago we finally had a chance to visit Bistro Pastis for lunch. For some reason we hadn’t made it there yet, and the opening of three restaurants down in the 1900 block certainly didn’t help. We’re glad we finally did make it though, as, like a true bistro, they serve some great French staples, all in a warm and intimate setting.

Although neither of us was feeling 100%, we really enjoyed the French Onion Soup, Crab Cake (how French…), and Steak Frites.

I think the only reservation we had was the price. They are not necessarily more expensive than some of the other high-end restaurants on West 4th, but given the choice, we’re probably more inclined to spend that kind of money elsewhere. But it’s great to have this kind of choice available. Next time we’ll make sure to go for dinner rather than lunch so that we can better appreciate the impressive wine-by-the-glass list. And I look forward to trying the Steak Tartare and a classic French stew.

Bistro Pastis in Vancouver

Last modified: June 2, 2008

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