Two Kitsilano Restaurants in Westender’s Top 10 for 2007


While this may not seem like a big deal, the fact that there were over 100 new restaurant openings in Vancouver puts it in some perspective. Unsurprisingly, both Bistrot Bistro and Fuel made the top 10, with the latter claiming the top spot. Here’s an excerpt of what Andrew Morrison has to say about Fuel:

Whether sitting at the kitchen bar getting eyefuls and mouthfuls of
honest cooking, or sipping while comfortably ensconced in the modern
earth-toned dining room, the feel is one of genuine warmth and welcome.

Fuel may lean to the expensive side for some, but superb meals
are made quite priceless by the sincerity with which they’re served.

At first the omission of Gastropod surprised me somewhat, until I realized they actually opened their doors at the end of 2006. This might explain why they haven’t received too many votes in our poll so far…

Last modified: June 2, 2008

2 Responses to " Two Kitsilano Restaurants in Westender’s Top 10 for 2007 "

  1. Paul says:

    Or perhaps the omission of Gastropod is an indication that people finally caught on that its just not all that great.

  2. Nope. If we’re still talking about my list, had Gastropod opened on January 1st or later it would have likely been in my top 3.