Life is Good on Broadway


An interesting new store opened its doors a few weeks ago on Broadway (3036 @ Balaclava). Started on the streets of Boston in 1989 and permanently established in 1994, Life is Good has slowly but very surely made its way across the continent and has finally arrived in Vancouver. Or has it? That’s where part of the “interesting” comes in. Technically this is not a “Life is Good” store as such. Neither is it a franchise. What is it? A Genuine Neighbourhood Shoppe:

Genuine Neighborhood Shoppes are independently owned retail stores solely dedicated to the Life is good® brand. 

Each GNS carries an extensive assortment of both in-line and
exclusive Life is good merchandise, including our signature Life is
good® AT HOME collection of home furnishings.

GNS owners are committed to not only providing you with a complete
Life is good shopping experience, but also to spreading optimism every
day and helping kids in need.

Our local GNS is called The Bright Side, which, as the quote suggests, exclusively sells the Life is Good brand; a mix of comfortable, easy-going casual wear and accessories for everyone. In addition, The Bright Side team are planning to bring the “Pumpkin Festival across America” to Vancouver next year and have picked the Children’s Wish Foundation as their charity of choice.

A nice added feature to the already beautiful store is the kids’ play area in the back and a pair of comfortable chairs for moms, dads, or other people in need of a break. In all, a genuinely great addition to the ‘hood.

Last modified: June 2, 2008

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