Is Lululemon Out To Sea?


lululemon logoIf I say the word yoga, Lululemon is probably one of things that jumps into your mind… especially if you’re from Kitsilano (where the uber popular yoga retailer came into being).

The product, in my mind, is great and the service I’ve received has been consistent and professional.  But, I think Lululemon has some rough waters ahead of them, particularly after the seaweed incident broke this morning.  Read more about it on timinganddelivery

Last modified: November 14, 2007

One Response to " Is Lululemon Out To Sea? "

  1. Erik says:

    After a somewhat odd attempt by founder Chip Wilson to quell the storm earlier in the week:

    “If you actually put it on and wear it, it is different from cotton,” Lululemon founder and chairman Chip Wilson told the Times. “That’s my only test of it.”

    Lululemon’s pr machine appears to have kicked back into gear: